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\`x^2+y_1+z_12^34\` `x^2+y_1+z_12^34` subscripts as in TeX, but numbers are treated as a unit
\`sin^-1(x)\` `sin^-1(x)` function names are treated as constants
\`d/dxf(x)=lim_(h->0)(f(x+h)-f(x))/h\` `d/dxf(x)=lim_(h->0)(f(x+h)-f(x))/h` complex subscripts are bracketed, displayed under lim
\`\frac{d}{dx}f(x)=\lim_{h\to 0}\frac{f(x+h)-f(x)}{h}\` `\frac{d}{dx}f(x)=\lim_{h\to 0}\frac{f(x+h)-f(x)}{h}` standard LaTeX notation is an alternative
\`f(x)=sum_(n=0)^oo(f^((n))(a))/(n!)(x-a)^n\` `f(x)=sum_(n=0)^oo(f^((n))(a))/(n!)(x-a)^n` f^((n))(a) must be bracketed, else the numerator is only `a`
\`f(x)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{f^{(n)}(a)}{n!}(x-a)^n\` `f(x)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{f^{(n)}(a)}{n!}(x-a)^n` standard LaTeX produces the same result
\`int_0^1f(x)dx\` `int_0^1f(x)dx` subscripts must come before superscripts
\`[[a,b],[c,d]]((n),(k))\` `[[a,b],[c,d]]((n),(k))` matrices and column vectors are simple to type
\`x/x={(1,if x!=0),(text{undefined},if x=0):}\` `x/x={(1,if x!=0),(text{undefined},if x=0):}` piecewise defined function are based on matrix notation
\`a//b\` `a//b` use // for inline fractions
\`(a/b)/(c/d)\` `(a/b)/(c/d)` with brackets, multiple fraction work as expected
\`a/b/c/d\` `a/b/c/d` without brackets the parser chooses this particular expression
\`((a*b))/c\` `((a*b))/c` only one level of brackets is removed; * gives standard product
\`sqrtsqrtroot3x\` `sqrtsqrtroot3x` spaces are optional, only serve to split strings that should not match
\`(:a,b:) and {:(x,y),(u,v):}\` `(:a,b:) and {:(x,y),(u,v):}` angle brackets and invisible brackets
\`(a,b]={x in RR : a < x <= b}\` `(a,b]={x in RR : a < x <= b}` grouping brackets don't have to match
\`abc-123.45^-1.1\` `abc-123.45^-1.1` non-tokens are split into single characters,
but decimal numbers are parsed with possible sign
\`hat(ab) bar(xy) ulA vec v dotx ddot y\` `hat(ab) bar(xy) ulA vec v dotx ddot y` accents can be used on any expression (work well in IE)
\`bb{AB3}.bbb(AB].cc(AB).fr{AB}.tt[AB].sf(AB)\` `bb{AB3}.bbb(AB].cc(AB).fr{AB}.tt[AB].sf(AB)` font commands; can use any brackets around argument
\`stackrel"def"= or \stackrel{\Delta}{=}" "("or ":=)\` `stackrel"def"= or \stackrel{\Delta}{=}" "("or ":=)` symbols can be stacked
\`{::}_(\ 92)^238U\` `{::}_(\ 92)^238U` prescripts simulated by subsuperscripts
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You can use the following ASCIIMathML constructs: \`(x+1)/(x-1) x^(i+j) x_(ij) sqrt(x) root(n)(x) stackrel(+)(->) text(any) "any"\`
Operation symbols \`+ - * ** // \\ xx -: @ o+ ox sum prod ^^ ^^^ vv vvv nn nnn uu uuu\`
Relation symbols \`= != < <= > >= -< >- in !in sub sup sube supe -= ~= ~~ prop\`
Logical symbols \`and or not => if iff AA EE _|_ TT |- |=\`
Miscellaneous symbols \`int oint del grad +- O/ oo aleph ... cdots \ quad qquad diamond square |_ _| |~ ~| CC NN QQ RR ZZ\`
Standard functions \`sin cos tan csc sec cot sinh cosh tanh log ln det dim lim mod gcd lcm\`
Grouping brackets \`( ) [ ] { } (: :) {: :}\` Arrows\`uarr darr rarr -> larr harr rArr lArr hArr\`
Accents \`hatx barx ulx vecx dotx ddotx\` Font commands\`bbA bbbA ccA ttA frA sfA\` Matrices\`[[a,b],[c,d]] ((1,0),(0,1))\`
Greek letters \`alpha beta chi delta Delta epsi eta gamma Gamma iota kappa lambda Lambda mu nu omega Omega phi Phi pi Pi psi rho sigma Sigma tau theta Theta upsilon xi Xi zeta\`